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Bronchiolitis {Another Hospital Stay at 5 Months Old}

I knew you had to watch your child near enough constantly, especially during the early months BUT I didn't actually know what I was looking out for?! Every little thing she did differently I was questioning for nothing, until one day I got it right!

Mum Life

Battling Fears & Anxiety as a new Mummy {Getting out and about on Maternity Leave}

I am sure that 90% of new mums or even second/third time mums will feel anxious or worried about leaving the house on their own with their little bundle of joy! It has always been a part of me and something I had learnt to deal with but 'mum anxiety' was a complete different experience for me and I had to learn how to cope with it all over again...

Weaning / Toddler Food

Weaning at 4 months {our approach to trying new flavours}

Weaning is a minefield. How do you start, when do you start? I read numerous blogs and forums before deciding to do what I felt was best for Harper and I am happy with the way we have done it as she seems to love her fruit and veg nowadays!

Mum Life

Our experience with reflux in babies!

Reflux in babies is incredibly hard to experience. They're so little and can't tell you how they're feeling or what is wrong. It's a guessing game and stressful for all involved. I'm just glad the Doctors took us seriously and helped us!

Mum Life

My daughter, the Simpson {Jaundice and another hospital stay}

Being a first time parent is hard enough, let alone being sent back to hospital two days after being discharged. Jaundice is rubbish but it could have been 100 x worse and we are just so happy that it was a fairly easy fix!