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Our experience with reflux in babies!

When Harper was around a month old she became super fussy. In the day she was really sicky (although aren’t most babies) and then in the evening at her feeds around 5pm and 10pm, she would become majorly stressed.

She would cry/scream until she was bright red, she would arch her back and push away from us as much as she could and no matter what we did she wouldn’t settle until she was so exhausted she’d fall asleep. Her cries still haunt me now, she would get so hot and bothered and I remember having to hold a wet wipe over her forehead once she was settled to cool her down!

It was a challenging time for us as new parents… we didn’t know what to do. (Queue the first “I’m such a bad mum. I am failing my child.” thought!)

I was going through 5/6 muslins a day, changing her sleepyhead cover most days due to her being sick on it during the night and changing outfits more times than I can count. THEN, every night the ‘witching hour’ would appear and she would be difficult to settle.

We tried tilting her next to me (by putting some books under the feet) so her head was slightly raised, we put infacol in her bottles but this made her projectile vomit every time, we bought special anti-colic bottles, we would massage her tummy and raise her legs etc to try and release wind but nothing seemed to work. The only way she would sleep comfortably was on her tummy or sat up right. We decided to take her to the doctors, something was making her like this?! At my third appointment, they finally gave me something and stopped passing it off as ‘normal’…

reflux 7

The most annoying this was we genuinely didn’t know what it was. Whether she was in pain or just uncomfortable, whether she was just frustrated or something really was bothering her. I was thinking an intolerance, trapped wind or reflux… and that is what they finally confirmed it as, reflux.

The NHS website explains that babies with reflux have the following symptoms:

• bringing up milk or being sick during or shortly after feeding
• coughing or hiccupping when feeding
• being unsettled during feeding
• swallowing or gulping after burping or feeding
• crying and not settling
• not gaining weight as they’re not keeping enough food down

Harper didn’t tick all of these she was bringing up milk, being unsettled during feeds and crying and not settling in general. She was a perfect weight and continuing to gain weight, so we weren’t too worried, we just wanted our happy/content baby back!

They prescribed her with Gaviscon infant powder, 2 sachets per bottle to start with & literally within a couple of week her symptoms lessened, she was easier to settle, much more content – she even started to sleep through the night constantly. She was still sicky but almost half as much and drank her bottles with no fuss. It was a huge relief to find something that worked so quickly as I know many people have so many problems with their babies and don’t get a true diagnosis for months! We were lucky to have something that helped her to go back to that happy child she always has been!

We still use it to this day and are trying to wean her off of it although the Doctors don’t seem concerned and have said to continue to give it to her as long as she needs it. I just hope she doesn’t become dependent on it…not sure if that’s even a ‘thing’?


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