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David’s First Fathers Day!

One month into becoming a new Daddy it was Father’s Day.

Harper was obviously immobile so unable to give her Daddy a hug and kiss and she certainly couldn’t talk or write him a card! So I had to improvise.

I wanted to make it special for him as it was the first time we could actually celebrate him being a Father! …but, at the same time… she was one month old. I couldn’t go overboard as she literally had NO idea what was going on.

So I got him a card – good ol’ moonpig – & wrote a hugely soppy message in it. Then it came down to the gift(s).

What do you get the man that literally has everything? & If he doesn’t have everything, he buys it himself anyway… ? Well, you cant go wrong with a mini hamper full of his favourite things and a few random things thrown in … that will literally sit in the hamper for weeks until I decide to put them in their rightful place to sit and not be used. Right?

So that’s exactly what I did.

I got a basket and I put in it : a pair of novelty Mr Men Father’s Day slippers, a small bottle of aftershave that I didn’t smell before buying, a face mask for a bearded man – which he is not, a cool (well I thought it was cool) keyring with an inbuilt spirit level, a t-shirt that I printed on myself which was intended to be worn as loungewear – he’s never worn it, a balloon – just because, a lush bath bomb, a personalised first Father’s Day vest that Harper wore for him and a ridiculous amount of sweets and nuts to fill the basket – funny, these were probably his favourite part and were eaten that day! (Note to self, don’t waste your money … the way to David’s heart is clearly through his stomach!!)

We had visitors during the day meeting Harper which was lovely and then had dinner at my mums. We are a fairly tight family and love spending occasions like this one altogether.. I did need to see my dad too.

OVERALL I think he had a pretty good day / evening. I could have done better with the gift side or maybe should have just taken him to dinner but maternity pay certainly doesn’t cover such luxuries!!

The best thing about it was that it was Father’s Day and instead of it being a normal day until family dinner in the evening me and Harper got to wake early, sneak around the house getting things ready and wake David up like it was his birthday! It was finally a day we can celebrate too! …

A complete money trap, as with most of these days, but David became a Daddy on 16th May 2018 and he deserves to be celebrated as he’s a bloody good one!!


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