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Three months of being Mummy…

The first three months of being Harper’s mummy was a dream. Yes, it was testing, worrying at times and we had some of the hardest days/nights we have ever had but we were finally parents, we got to meet our precious little creation and my god she made every minute of everyday brighter just by looking at her.

David took two weeks off, starting on the day I went into hospital to be induced… we didn’t think for one minute that we would be in hospital a full 5 days until Harper actually arrived! We were delighted to be let home fairly soon after Harper was born and couldn’t wait to spend the last week together as a family…

Unfortunately we were sent back into hospital two days later as Harper had jaundice – I will be writing about this experience shortly. So after another three days in hospital, we were finally sent home again where we spent the final couple of days that David had left together as a three. We didn’t do much, tried to get to grips with looking after our mini human and having many visitors over to meet her! We also went on our first trip out to her registered, stopping off for a romantic meal at KFC… Classy!

When David went back to work, I genuinely didn’t think I would cope, I dreaded it… but I did… quite well if I may say so myself! We had a whale of a time, meeting friends and family, taking trips to parks, going for breakfast with the girls, going to parties and baby groups etc. We celebrated David’s first Father’s Day and she had her very first photoshoot (she literally poo’ed about 3 times in a 1 hour session; worst model ever)!!

Harper even had her first trip to Spain for 9 days with my family. Yes, we were probably crazy for even thinking about taking a 12 week old abroad, but it was the best thing we have ever done! I have written about our experience, have a read here.

At three months Harper was starting to hold things and keep grip, she was trying to sit up, see objects and people further in the distance, she was lifting her head up really well from laying down and gave the best slobbery kisses.

She was having around 6 bottles a day, so feeding really well but was prescribed Gaviscon for babies as she became quite sicky (projectile vomiting after every bottle)! We also had more than a few nights where she would scream for a good hour before going to bed… it was more than just a fussy scream, more like a painful cry. After trying a couple of things such as infacol (which seemed to make her sick even more), we switched to Tommee Tippee anti-colic bottles to see if they helped… they seemed to do the trick and we put it down to trapped wind.

We didn’t put Harper into much of a routine during these months and we followed her lead most of the time. We would give her her last bottle at around 9-10pm downstairs, lay her down in her sleepyhead on the sofa in the living room and then take her up with us putting the sleepyhead in our ‘next to me’ crib. This worked for us. She would wake for her dummy (yes, she has a dummy) and around 1/2 feeds a night. I remember those nights well. I would sit on the bed feeding her… our bed was facing my dressing table mirror so I would literally sit staring at myself, then at David. I felt so lonely although I knew he was right next to me and so jealous at the fact he was fast asleep and I definitely wasn’t! At around 6 weeks old she slept from around 10.30pm to 6am… I remember the first night waking up in a daze, seeing it was light outside and instantly checking her in a panic! She was fine, snoozing innocently!

Although the first week or so of Harper being in the world weren’t the best, it could have been a lot worse & I am just so thankful that she was healthy and her cheeky, happy little personality showed more and more each day. She’s our little chunk. Three months went by super quick, I absolutely love watching her grow but Id also love her to slow down bit too!


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