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Travelling with a 12 week old {Essentials to pack}

Harper wasn’t even a day old when David told me he had organised the me BEST ‘pushing present’ ever… a holiday to Spain, with my family!! I must admit I got a little upset when I realised we wouldn’t be able to afford to go with everyone when they booked last year… but little did I know that David had snuck around booking the flights, hiring the car etc with my parents whilst I was pregnant – bless him!

It came around SO quickly – we are home now, after such an amazing week! I’m currently sat on my sofa with serious holiday blues!! I cannot explain how nice it was to be abroad and for my family to be with us to see all of Harper’s first travel experiences!

I spent quite a few weeks before researching the best things to take abroad for an 11 week old baby, planning everything, writing lists and buying bits and bobs to take with us. I was super nervous, having heard bad stories & being told that we have to do ‘that’ and have to take ‘that’…

Having been, I thought I would share my ‘life saving’ items & if your travelling with small babies anytime soon I could definitely recommend the following to take:

A UV protected sun shade / tent : mine is pop up, easy to travel with as it folds right down and comes with a case & also comes with pegs to hold it down. We used it everyday next to the pool and it has shaded Harper so well! It’s not huge but big enough for her to snooze and me to lay next to her! As well as a storage area for everything else we need to take!!

Zoggs swim trainer seat : this is from 3 months so Harper was a little bit to small but once she was placed into it, she relaxed and loved being in it and floating around with everyone else in the big pool! Again, we used this daily and Harps loved it.

Baby bouncer : admittedly, we couldn’t obviously bring this with us but because we are staying on a complex with people who live here etc it wasn’t hard to find someone selling one! Another thing we used daily, Harper would nap in her bouncer so easily. I’d pop her in after a swim, with her dummy and towel, rock & shush her.. within 5mins she’d be asleep and stay there for a good hour or more! Most of her daytime naps were in this, which made it so easy for us to leave her under the shade, catch up on a bit of sunbathing and still be able to keep an eye on her.

Milton sterilising tablets : these are lighter than the liquid & you get 40 tablets in a pack – more than enough! I washed all bottles in the morning, popped them in the water with a tablet in, covered the bowl… 15 mins later they were ready to come out and fill with water. Super easy and we didn’t have to worry that the bottles weren’t sterilised properly! We just bought a cheap washing up bowl from the local shop to use! … Oh and best bit, the water lasts 24hrs so no need to change it until the next morning!!

A good buggy : our Health Visitor told us not to use suncream on Harper, even when in Spain with the burning sun! “Just keep her shaded at all times” … Jee, thanks for the good advice! It’s hardly do-able 24/7 is it! The buggy we chose was perfect for walking in the early evening and daytime. The shade was huge and because she’s so little still it covered her toes, so we didn’t have to worry about her skin getting too much sun. It reclined all the way down, perfect for the nighttime whilst we were out and about and has a clear panel in the hood to be able to see baby and see what they’re up too! I put a stimulating (lots of colour and motion) video on my phone and put it over the panel, she loved it! She would lay there for ages just watching the video – she’s very nosey and inquisitive, it even helped her fall asleep a few times! (Mum hack … from the one who said she wouldn’t put her child in front of a screen LOL). We loved it and were so happy with our choice, it was a lot cheaper than our iCandy too which was another decision we had to make… forget taking the iCandy and allowing it to get absolutely battered on the plane! I must admit we got ours second hand off of Facebook for £40! Bargain!! So I would definitely keep an eye out for good condition second hand ones, although I would 100% recommend it at normal price!

Small clear bottles : I got three from the pound shop and filled them with Harper’s Johnson’s baby hair wash, body wash and moisturiser… they were perfect size, didn’t leak & didn’t take up all the space / weight limit of our suitcase!

I really wouldn’t listen to anyone who says “oh, I wouldn’t travel with a baby only a few weeks old, it’s too much bother” … as I can honestly say, it was absolutely fantastic!! We stayed in an apartment, so had everything, like a home from home. It was no different than being in England, except we had my family within a stones throw from us, the sun was beaming, we went swimming everyday & out for meals in the evening – it was BLISS!! Having David with us for 10 whole days was amazing and we loved spending time as a little family. You just have to be a bit ‘savvy’ I guess.. stay in a place with all the amenities you will need & you will be fine!

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