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Baby’s First Immunisations {what it’s really like for Mum}

So last week Harper turned 8 weeks old – which means she turned 9 weeks old the Wednesday just gone! HOW!?

It also meant that her first immunisation was due. They were booked for last Friday (Friday the 13th!!), and believe me, it came around super quick!

David works Monday – Saturday most weeks, so he couldn’t come & as there is so much stigma around ‘baby’s first jabs’, I was incredibly nervous to go on my own… So, thank god for my sister (again) – she came with us, although I’m not sure who was more nervous?! She could stand and watch me give birth but I almost had to beg her to come in the room with me for Harper’s jab!! Normal.

Harper fell asleep instantly in the waiting room… she was obviously relaxed, poor child had no idea! Then her name got called & we decided to wake her, I’m not that cruel to make her wake up call be a super long shiny needle in her leg! She’s always a happy chappy when she wakes up & so sat there on my lap smiling and laughing at the nurse. Bless her.. not a clue.

She was given a medicine substance first and spat most of it out. Then two extremely quick jabs to one leg… & she cried, she really cried. I desperately wanted to just wrap her in my arms and squeeze her tight but the nurse still had one more to do! We got it over and done with and the nurse quickly jabbed the second leg… she screamed even more.

I cuddled her as hard as I could and both me and my sister “shhhh”-ed her. Within 2-3 mins she was absolutely fine! Like nothing had happened!

I didn’t cry, my sister didn’t cry.. she were total heros!! Proper hard nuts! I think I had set myself up for such a traumatic experience, but Harper was an absolute trooper and forgot about it all in seconds.. so I didn’t really have time to get upset about it.

Her poor little war wounds raised a little in the days following, one more than the other two.. it felt solid underneath & the area bruised but they didn’t bother her. She was a bit restless the first night and just wouldn’t settle but slept a good 7hrs once she finally went down at midnight!

The plaster marks were the worst thing about it! The little lumps on her legs disappeared within 3 days.. but I’m still finding remainders of those bloody plasters today!!

That’s one down and two to go.. let’s hope they all go as well as this one!

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