Pregnancy & Birth

My Birth Story {Part One – Induction}

Happy 1 month to our little munchkin!! After 4 whole amazing weeks of getting to know her, looking after her & getting into some sort of dysfunctional routine… I figured there’s no better time to share my birth story with you all!

As you know my pregnancy went so well.. the only ‘problem’ was that our little girly was far too comfortable!

After 3 sweep attempts I was told that my cervix was ‘too far back’ to reach & that baby’s head was making it difficult to get to … annoying. Nothing happened from the failed sweep attempts – not that I was expecting it to. So the midwife then booked me in for induction on 12th May 2018. My water birth plans quickly went out of the window, but actually I really wasn’t bothered! When she gave me the date I got butterflies, I couldn’t believe that the day was finally here.. we were going to meet our baby in a matter of days!

Saturday 12th May came and we made our way to the hospital for 8am. I have to point out now that we have never done this before & therefore had no idea what to expect! A small part of me was expecting to be induced by 9am and have baby in my arms by the end of the day! Little did we know my body had very different ideas…!!

We were shown to my bed on the ward along with 4/5 other expecting, nervous parents & the wait began… I finally had the first pessary to start off induction, this was paper thin and looked almost like a tampon. It was inserted at 2pm and I was told that they would monitor and check me every 4 hours for 24 hours. The monitoring consisted of blood pressure, temperature & listening to baby’s heartbeat. They stuck to this every 4 hours without fail, even throughout the night.

24 hours came and went, (2pm on 12th May – 2pm on 13th May) along with so many mums-to-be from my ward whose inductions worked within hours – lucky them!! … I felt nothing but uncomfortable down there! This pessary made it really hard to walk or move around freely! By this time I had eaten all of my ‘labour’ snacks (family pack of chocolate nougats, 5 x mars bars, 2 x lucozade sports, numerous bags of haribo), David had already been to Asda and Costa for his breakfasts, lunches and dinner, we had walked laps of the hospital and had family visit us to keep us company. Poor David was already fed up of the rigid armchair he had to sit, eat and sleep on and having to walk 1/2 a mile to the nearest toilet.. but hey, they can’t look after everyone!

We were bored & super fed up. I had been drinking raspberry leaf tea from around 34 weeks & even took it to the hospital, I bounced on the ball, I walked, I ate pineapple.. I had done everything but nothing was helping baby to come. At 2pm a dissolvable tablet was then inserted as the second hope of induction and was a lot comfier (much to my relief) and they examined again – nothing… I could have cried… actually I think I probably did! The first tablet was left for 6 hours but at 8pm I still felt absolutely fine! The second one (& the last resort before labour ward) was inserted & again I was examined… again, nothing. I think you can all understand our pain right now!!

After 14 LONG hours I was re-examined and told, guess what… no change! “You’re second on the list to go down to labour ward, but don’t get your hopes up it could still take a while” we were told by the midwife.. so we waited. I had a bath, my sister plaited my hair, my parents & nan came to visit, David popped home whilst I ate as much as I could of the hospital shepherds pie… 24 hours drags so badly sat on a hospital ward!

On Tuesday 15th May, we were told we were first on the ‘list’ but I had officially turned 42 weeks + 1 day. So I was panicking. I woke up and was immediately in tears.. I had read horror stories about giving birth after 42 weeks and the risks of still birth etc going up.. I needed this baby OUT! I was almost begging them by this point. I could hear the last opposite me in tears also, bless her, she was 39 weeks but was told she was having a ‘big baby’. They were just as fed up as us & had been there only a couple of hours less than us. Her husband was demanding to speak to a consultant about the length of time we had been waiting, I didn’t blame them – we were all desperate by this point! Then, at around midday the consultant did eventually came up to speak to us. She came and spoke to me first…

Seeing her walk towards me, I was chuffed. I was first on the list so surely she was going to tell me that it was our time to go down!?

“I know you are first on the list but we have decided to take the take the lady opposite down first, you will be next. She has had children before so should be a lot quicker than you”… that was it, I was in floods of tears, inconsolable! The poor woman opposite saw me crying and immediately refused to go down, “she was next on the list, take her down! I don’t want to push in” – so nice of her, but they were having none of it… off they went! Why was I told I was next on the list if they were just going to change it!? .. poor David, I was a mess! I even googled ‘what’s the longest you can be pregnant for?‘ Panic mode for sure!

At 5pm on Tuesday, the consultant came back. “Pack up your things, we are going down now” … I could hear fireworks, applause, a great big symphony! The relief was incredible. I phoned my sister (a million times) and she made her way to the hospital, & me and David made ourselves comfortable in the room where we were going to finally meet our baby girl!!

After 4 whole days of being in the hospital … waiting … it really was about time!

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