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The Babymel Robyn Changing Bag

When choosing a baby changing bag, what is the first things you look for?

Obviously as its our first time, we’ve never had to look before! So the first thing I did was to ask for the advice of as many mummy’s I could! I am part of the UnicornMama’s group on Facebook, and thought with over 700 members, this would probably a good place to start! I simply asked for their advice on the best baby changing bags & was quickly met with so many responses!

The main features we decided were best for us was 1) space (but not too big to carry around daily), 2) colour (a neutral colour, such as grey or tan – so I don’t have to subject David to carrying a bright pink bag around) and 3) I personally wanted a backpack style so its easy to carry whilst pushing the pushchair, carrying baby and anything in between without breaking my shoulders! Oh and of course the price – because what ‘normal’, ‘everyday’, new family isn’t sticking to a budget?!

The Babymelbrand came up by many mums. I quickly had a little research on their website and instantly fell in love with many of their changing bags. They have a huge variety of bags, in many colours and designs. Soon the ROBYN collection caught my eye and seemed to tick all boxes we were looking for! I got a bit TOO excited I’m not going to lie…

The one we chose after looking – well, I looked – and debated on for weeks was the ‘Robyn Convertible Backpack Faux Leather, Tan‘ … For us, it seems perfect. I did a little dance and ‘happy clap’ when it arrived! It is beautiful, the material is super soft and the tan colour goes great with our pushchair and… well, everything! The main features of this particular changing bag are as follows:

  • 4 ways to wear – backpack, over the body, as a shoulder bag and hand held.
  • Comes in a huge range of colours and patterns.
  • Is super spacious without being TOO big.
  • Comes with a travel changing mat which is foldable, easy to clean material and fits snug in the front pocket.
  • Thermal bottle holder to keep your warm bottles warmer for longer or your cool bottles cooler for longer! – pretty handy!
  • Easy-wipes pocket to put baby wipes in, with a dispenser slot to pull the wipes through easily without having to get the packet out etc and keeps the wipes from drying out!

Not to mention, at £65.00, its actually quite affordable! … Lets be honest, a baby changing bag is probably one of the most used items along with pushchair, cot and muslins! So it’s kind of one of those things you don’t want to ‘save’ too much on!

I’m super happy with our choice so far. I know I haven’t had the chance to use it as yet but it’s lovely, it does exactly what it says on the tin and has everything we need! I cannot wait to get use out of it and will most definitely be doing an ‘up date’ post after a few weeks’ use … lets see if it’ll still be one of our favorite baby purchases!

We purchased ours through an online shop called Natural Baby Shower & got a FREE Aden & Anais swaddle with an RRP of £15.00 !! Which is also super cute!

Take advantage of the deal here.



2 thoughts on “The Babymel Robyn Changing Bag

    1. I absolutely love it!! Have used it daily for 5 months now and not one teeny sign of wear! Can fit up to 5 bottles, nappies, wet wipes, baby food, pots, spoon, bib, muslins, change of clothes, a couple of toys & her soother blanket in it at one time – if for any reason I had to! Lol… it’s so easy to carry as there are many strap options and easy to change at any time from back to shoulder straps. I honestly can’t praise it any more!
      My ONE bit of criticism is that it’s a backpack style bag & so you have to pack it from the bottom up, meaning it can be slightly tricky when needed to get something from the bottom… but whose changing bags actually stay the way you packed them throughout the day anyway!? 🙈😂 I would give it 5*!!


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