Pregnancy & Birth

My Pregnancy Journey {Third Trimester}


40 Weeks today … 9 months! 9 whole months of growing the perfect little baby inside of me. It’s a crazy weird feeling, our baby girl is so nearly ready to be born into this big wide world, she is fully grown, fully developed and just needs to be a ‘little’ less comfortable now! The 12 weeks since my last trimester has gone really well… so I think I can officially say that I have had a very smooth and happy 40 weeks of pregnancy. I have been extremely lucky with symptoms etc… obviously I don’t want to speak too soon, but it has gone really well so far.


The last month of work went okay. I have an office job, so it wasn’t too strenuous. The main issue for me was getting up (after waking 3 times in the night with heartburn) and out the house before 8am, and lasting all day until 5.30pm without having a midday nap! I just felt so tired and lethargic all the time, and my concentration was rapidly deflating! After much discussion with David, we agreed that I could take my maternity leave at 36 weeks, as opposed to the 38 weeks I had initially planned.


The past 4 weeks have literally gone in the blink of an eye!! I have used it to ‘nest’, relax, spend time with my sister and niece, catch up on a few Netflix series, do all of the odd bits around the house and start a scrapbook for our little one! It’s been quite nice actually…

My symptoms the past 12 weeks have stayed relatively the same, but I have had a couple of ‘new’ ones:

  • Heartburn – Yep. Still there! It did seem to go, especially through the night over the past couple of weeks BUT, its come back. & I am up at least two.. maybe three times a night, popping tums & zantac pills!!
  • Tiredness – I guess this goes hand in hand with the heartburn, and being up during the night! I go back to sleep at around 7am when David leaves for work, and get up at around 9.30am.. that usually sorts me right out ready for the day!
  • Nerve spasms – I personally think this is related to sciatica, as every now and then I’ll get a shooting pain in my bum cheek (sounds beautiful I know) that travels all down my leg and cramps it up for a good few minutes! Then, it goes! Very strange and random but it doesn’t bother me too much, I’m just glad it’s not all of the time!
  • Carpal Tunnel – This is a pregnancy related symptom. Over the past few months I have had a constant irritation in my wrist. It feels like it pops out of its socket, and I have to pop it back in (again, beautiful). Its super annoying but again, nothing I can’t live with! I just really hope it goes once baby is here! I have been given a few exercises by the doctor to do to hopefully help it!


That’s it! So I’m a very lucky girly I think. Can’t believe the next ‘pregnancy journey’ post I write will be my birth story!! That’s not scary at all!

Please don’t keep us waiting too long baby! We are SUPER excited to meet you!!


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