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Baby’s Hospital Bag {What We Have Packed}

Up to around 36 weeks, I hadn’t even started packing the baby’s hospital bag or mine! I was being nagged on a daily basis by my sister and mum – “she could come at any time!”, “what are you going to do if she comes tomorrow, you have nothing packed!”

So I ordered baby’s changing bag and packed it nicely as soon as it arrived. (I will be writing a post on the baby changing bag we have chosen and why, soon).

In our baby’s hospital bag, are the following:

5 x short sleeve vests & 5 x baby grows

Okay, my bad.. I’m pretty sure we won’t need 6 (or I hope not) but we don’t know how big or small baby will be, so we have packed a variety of sizes – tiny baby, newborn and 0-3 months. We may also be in hospital a lot longer than anticipated, so actually, we might need them!

Pack of 22 x first size Pampers nappies

This size pack is super convenient! (Click here to find out more) Fits so well in the changing bag and having 22 in a pack means we should have more than enough for our hospital stay. I actually got the whole pack free in one of Emma’s Diary free pregnancy bags! So handy! Register for free!

Pack of Pampers sensitive wet wipes

I know some hospitals advise against using wet wipes, so we may not get to use them but I use wet wipes personally all the time, so if we cant use them on baby then I will most definitely use them! (Click here to find out more)


60 x cotton wool pads

As I have said, some hospitals advise against the use of wet wipes when changing a newborn’s nappy, so we have packed some cotton wool pads so we can use these instead.

Nappy sacks

God knows if we will need these, but they seem to go hand in hand with nappies and wet wipes / cotton buds, so it seemed sensible to add these to our bag!

2 x pairs of socks

In pink and white – to go with all of her outfits! Although.. her outfits are baby grows, with built in feet.. so not sure if she will need these, but hey, better to be safe than sorry!

2 x mittens

In pink and white – again, being fashion conscious! Although, again.. most of her baby grows have built in mittens, so god knows if we will need these either!

3 x muslins

Just because… you can never have enough muslins!!


2 x hats

So because we aren’t sure how big or small baby will be, we also don’t know how big or small her head will be! I have taken a hat from a pack of three, but they look huge! So my sister has nicely ordered us a much smaller one, which has also been packed.

1 x dummy

We don’t necessarily want baby to get ‘hooked’ on a pacifier straight away, buuuuut just it will be handy to have one in her bag just in case. I know some hospitals do advise against these also, so we may not even take it out of the bag.

2 x blankets

When doing our research, it seemed that the cellular blankets are a good bet with newborns and to use at the hospital, as it is quite warm in there and the cellular blankets have holes in to allow the air to flow through. We will also be having photos done by Bounty at the hospital, (more info can be found on their website here), where they advise you to take along a nice blanket for baby to lay on etc… so we had to pack her beautiful Ted Baker blanket also of course!!


Soft toy / comforter

Again, this was advised by Bounty as it’ll look super cute in photos… we also want baby to be as comforted as possible! We were given a super adorable and soft rabbit with a small blanket attached. Its the Bashful Silver Bunny Soother by JellyCat – perfect size for mini hands, so hopefully she will love it!


Headband / bow

Because… why not! She is going to look adorable!! The one we are taking was kindly gifted to us by The Littlest of Things and it is SO CUTE! I cannot wait to see it on our little lady. You can see it on my Instagram page.

1 x Aptamil 1 first milk starter pack

I was warned by the midwife who did the birth unit tour that if we are planning on bottle feeding from birth, then we will need to take our own formula. They will only supply formula to parents if you try to breastfeed but it doesn’t work…apparently! So we have bought a pack of pre-made formula. The hospital is right next to an Asda so if we need any more than 6 bottles, another pack can easily be purchased. (Click here to find out more)

Next up, my bag!! Which, yes.. I admit.. I have only half packed and I am 38 weeks pregnant. Oooops!




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