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Our Baby Shower {Pre-Baby Celebration}

It all still felt like one big dream, even after putting the ‘mummy to be’ sash over my pink lace dress and adding the finishing touches to the numerous decorations hung in our living room.

My mum and sister did the BEST job at organizing our baby shower. I guess you’ll always be biased when it comes to your own family – I know I certainly am – but they really did… our baby shower was an absolutely perfect way to celebrate our soon to be new addition!

After planning my sister’s a couple of years back, I asked if she and my mum could arrange mine. They joined forces with a couple of friends and bought hanging decorations, bunting, sprinkles for the table, a guestbook photo frame, balloons, photo booth props, prediction cards and more. Along with making the most incredible food (afternoon tea themed) such as cakes, scones, sandwiches etc and getting the most BEAUTIFUL cake … forest animal theme, to go with little lady’s room! Made by the incredibly talented lady at Cakes Today, Crumbs Tomorrow – Search them on Facebook if your near the Bucks area OR check out their blog.

Baby Shower Cake

After spending hours, days, weeks making our family home perfect by painting, decorating, putting things up on the walls etc. it was finally ready to host the long list of important people we had invited. Many baby showers are strictly ‘women only’ etc. which I find a bit strange if I am honest. This little lady is OUR baby, a little life that myself and David share.. so why should I be the only one to celebrate? He should be included in all of the festivities! Its only fair? & he wanted to be a part of such a big day. So we decided to include everyone… men, women, children, family, friends – everyone that will be a big part of our girl’s life was there / invited. Which was amazing, but also meant there were so many people on the list, having to squeeze into our new home. It worked though, it was a bit crammed … but it worked.

It was an absolute whirlwind of a day, full of smiles, happiness, love. Having so many loved ones around showing their support for us and our soon to be family, was just amazing. We were very spoilt.. our little lady was very spoilt! The generosity was overwhelming…

In all honesty, hosting things are mine and David’s worst nightmare. We hate being center of attention, but we had a great day we really did… & I couldn’t thank my mum and sister, our friends and family enough for their continuous support.

Most decorations etc. were purchased through Amazon (or so I have been told), so it’s a pretty good starting point for anyone looking to organize their own.

My dress was perfect for the occasion, pretty lace and knee length so didn’t spend the day pulling it down over my growing bump. It was from Mama.licious at Asos, at only £18.00 – absolute bargain & is still available to purchase here.


Only 3 weeks & 2 days to go ’til the big DUE DATE and we are counting down the days!!


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