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4D Scan {Window To The Womb – Reading}

The look on my nan and grandad’s faces when I asked if they would like to come along to our 4D scan was priceless! You’d think I had asked them to eat a thousand cockroaches! … I don’t think it’s for them really … I think the hugely advanced technology we have available today is enough to scare anyone! It certainly did me to start with, but intrigue soon took over the fear and once we had booked our appointment I was counting down the days to see our little one in as much detail as I possibly could!

Pregnancy can be so overwhelming, with the amounts of doctors’ appointments, scans, parenting classes etc. that you already have to make sure are written in your calendar, so when I started looking at February appointments in December I must admit I did feel a bit mad!! Good job I was ‘organised’ for once though as they book up so quickly, and there’s no harm in making sure your appointment is booked well in advance! It was also around the Christmas period, so I did get a bit of a bonus and with Window to the Womb in Reading, I got the ‘Well-being and 4D Scan (Very Important Baby)’ package worth £135.00 for just £79.99!! (They do quite a lot of these offers, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on their social media!)

Our package included:

  • Gender Confirmation (yes, she’s still a girl!)
  • Around a 10 minute scan
  • 6 Medium Photo Prints
  • 2 Large Photo Prints
  • Digital copies of all of your images (via the Bumpies app)
  • Movie of your 4D scan (via the Bumpies app)
  • 2 Keyrings each with 2 prints

We arrived a few minutes early just in case we needed to fill out forms etc. (or I needed to do a few star jumps or run around the block a few times)… and we took our entourage in with us (my mum and dad, and Dave’s brother and sister-in-law) so there were 6 of us in total! … (It’s strange, as for such an intimate thing you wouldn’t think you’d want many people there, but I actually really struggled to keep within their advisory of 5 guests, it was quite a fun day out!) … We were handed a small form by a very friendly member of staff and I quickly filled it in. She then did a bit of ‘up-selling’ and tried to sell us a few add-ons, but we didn’t feel pressured at all and it only took a simple “no thank you” for them to stop.

We were soon led to the scan room and I got a little nervous as that’s when I realised we would ALL be sat in ONE room… not so intimate! The scan lady soon made me feel more comfortable though and made sure I was fully covered. We also had a ‘scan buddy’ too! (Basically a member of staff that sits in the scan room with you and explains all the complicated terminology to you in more ‘simpler’ terms … quite a nice idea actually!) It was quite a dark room, with relaxing music on in the background. There were sofas along two walls in the corner of the room for the guests to get comfortable, a bed for me to lay on and get my belly out, two or three large TVs in different positions around the room and a lot a technical equipment!! Overall there were 8 people in this small room, but it didn’t feel crowded at all, I actually felt quite relaxed. Soon our beautiful chubby cheeked creation was on the screen, rubbing her little eyes, and cuddling up to my placenta (vom). Everyone was smitten, smiling at the screens. Mum had to wipe away a few tears – bless! It was such a lovely feeling to see her again, and to share such a big moment with family. In all honesty it was a bit surreal… seeing our daughter in so much detail, her long thin fingers, chubby cheeks and button nose – it’s a crazy weird feeling of love and fascination put together.

They took so many good pictures, it was really hard to pick out the ones we wanted printing but when we left the lady gave us a code for the Bumpies app and we soon realised we could view ALL of the images taken and watch the 10 min video of the whole scan! It is such a good idea and absolutely perfect to show all the friends and family that couldn’t come to the actual thing! You can also save everything to your phone too, so they wont be lost or forgotten about! I know I personally can’t stop looking at them…

To be honest, if you go for a 4D scan will all intentions of seeing exactly what your baby looks like, then I think you’ll be a bit disappointed. Although the technology and images are absolutely amazing and give so much detail, you still can’t FULLY see your baby, you still can’t FULLY picture exactly what they are going to look like when you finally meet them – simply because you have nothing to compare it too. Once they are here and you hold the scan up next to them, you’ll tell immediately, and be able to say ‘oh yeh! I can see her little nose now, and I can see just how long her little fingers are now!’ etc. but until that time, it’s very much a guessing game! BUT, that said… it’s still the most amazing experience. It gave us peace of mind to see her so happy in her little bubble, to find out the position she was in, to make sure my placenta had moved from being ‘low’ and to be able to meet her and see her in a way we never would have been able to years ago! It’s another thing ticked off the ‘pregnancy bucket list’ and I am so glad we did it!

I couldn’t recommend Window to the Womb enough… they were efficient, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable from the moment we walked in the door. The whole process went without a hitch from arriving, having the scan, selecting the images and having them printed etc. I think we were in and out within 30 to 45mins, which is super quick … but I didn’t feel rushed at all, I didn’t feel like we waited overly long for our images etc. and had a very pleasant experience overall. If you can, I would wait until they do another promotion to get an absolute bargain BUT if you can’t, I would still 100% recommend it – even at the full price!

Thank you Window to the Womb and thank you to our wonderful families for coming with us and making it that little but more special!

2 thoughts on “4D Scan {Window To The Womb – Reading}

  1. Those images are amazing – I might have to work on the hubby to see if I can convince him to come to one with me but right now he doesn’t like the look of them :/


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