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My Pregnancy Journey {Second Trimester}

All of a sudden I have crossed the line of the THIRD trimester!! How did that happen? The weeks go so quick, but the days seem to draaaag… As with the first trimester, I thought I would give you an insight of how my second trimester went. I think it’s safe to say that I am definitely starting to ‘feel’ pregnant now!! I had hardly any symptoms in the first 12 weeks, but over the next 12 I think they started to become more obvious…

To be honest I have had a pretty busy 12 weeks, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Everyone keeps telling me to relax, chill out, take my time with things, stop planning so many things – but I actually can’t! Apart from the beach ball attached to the front of me, I haven’t felt much different in myself, I still feel like I can do anything & everything!

…That is until I actually do it, and my back hurts, my feet swell, I fall asleep as soon as I sit down, I get heartburn – either one at a time, or all together! & THEN I don’t feel so clever… should have listened!

The past 12 weeks have been non-stop with Christmas and New Year, a weekend trip to Bath, birthdays, dinners, a huge amount of Christmas gatherings, bank meetings, doctors’ appointments, midwife appointments, my sister’s baby shower & moving into our beautiful new home!! Its been great! I think it may be time to actually listen to those around me though, and start doing / planning NOTHING!

My symptoms have differed, and seem to come and go in waves. This trimester I have noticed:

  • Heartburn – I find that I can usually get to sleep but then wake up EVERY night at around 3am with major heartburn, and cannot physically go back to sleep as it BURNS and makes me feel sick. So, I asked my Midwife if I can take ‘Zantac’ which is an anti-acid tablet that my family recommended, thankfully she said yes! Every evening just before bed I take one, and I sleep ALL through the night! They’re magic! (Tip: I used to think milk worked, so I would down a pint before bed… it took a few weeks for me to realise that its probably the milk causing my heartburn in the middle of the night! So I soon stopped doing that!)
  • Burning sensation under boobs – So this might sound like a weird one, and it is, but the only way I can describe it is that it feels like I’m sunburnt (the proper red lobster kind) just underneath the bra line & when you put clothes over sunburn, it hurts like friction burn, doesn’t it?… Yep, well it feels exactly like that! I get that feeling most days, its very strange. I go home and expect to see a bright red band of skin or even some sort of burn, but there’s absolutely nothing there! I moisturise every evening and that does seem to ‘soothe’ it. The only medical phrase I have found that sounds slightly like it is Costochondritis. I have spoken to the Midwife about it but she didn’t seem too concerned, it’s just ‘one of those things’!!
  • Tiredness & getting out of breath – As I said, I feel like I can still do pretty much everything BUT as soon as I attempt anything, even the smallest of things like getting in and out of my car, walking up the stairs etc. I feel like I’m dying! I am out of breath, cant talk and get all clammy! I’m also feeling extra tired… wish I could take maternity leave now as I would LOVE an afternoon nap every day!!
  • Sudden faintness and low blood pressure – I have only had this a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. Its strange as it is something I used to suffer with before I was pregnant, but would only happen when I was at the gym pushing myself too hard and doing too much strenuous activity! The times it has happened whilst pregnant though, I have been stood barely doing anything, no exercise involved whatsoever! Its mainly when I haven’t eaten for like an hour! (Yes, I eat a lot!) I get hungry, then feel sick, I get hot.. like, sweating hot.. I go white, my ears start to ring, my hands and feet go numb and every single little bit of energy I have left just disappears. Its usually over in less than 5 mins… I sit down with my head on my knees (or as near as it can get) and have a chocolate bar, fizzy drink or something with a lot of sugar in it! Sorted… I went to the doctors, as I was a little concerned. She checked all my test results etc and sent off a urine sample to test just in case, but she was happy with everything and told me I just needed to relax. So again, nothing to worry about for me…

So that’s it really for the second trimester, and again.. I’m counting myself quite lucky! My tummy is most definitely getting bigger (many people cant believe I am only 30 weeks!), my clothes are getting tighter… (time for another shopping trip!) & I am feeling baby girl so much more now! Everything seems to be going as smooth as it can be for now, as we count down the weeks until we get to meet our little girl!! CHEERS to the homestretch!!


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