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Mother To Be Treatment {Danesfield House Illuminata Spa}

On Sunday I went completely out of my comfort zone and went to a spa – on my own! To some this might not be a big deal at all, but I’m quite shy and awkward when it comes to going to things (especially things I don’t do normally) on my own.. so this was a big step for me! I treated myself to a treatment at The Danesfield House Illuminata Spa in Marlow. I say ‘treated myself’ but the vouchers I received for this spa last year definitely gave me the push I needed to book something before they expired!

I turned 28 weeks on Monday so I chose the ‘Mother to be’ treatment package to give me that extra boost across the line to the scary third trimester and to help me completely wind down after all the stresses of moving etc.

As I am sure most pregnant women would be, I was a bit hesitant about the whole process and how it would work around pregnancy etc. and whether it was safe… but the Masseuse I had was highly trained in that particular area, and really put me at ease!

She led me into a small, dark room, with flute music playing in the background and candles lit around the bed… standard ‘relaxation’ room basically. I started off laying on my left side, cuddling a pregnancy pillow which almost sent me to sleep straight away & she started with a slow and not ‘too intense’ back massage, I was then asked to lay on my back and she positioned the electric bed so that I wasn’t laying completely flat – quite fancy actually! She massaged both my legs and feet which was amazing, and explained that it helps with water retention and swelling! Bonus. After that it was ‘belly rub’ time… adding layer upon layer of creams and lotions, she eventually made a paste like ‘mask’ which she covered with a towel and left to soak into my growing bump! Again, explaining to me that this was supposed to help reduce the chances of stretch marks. Bonus #2. Whilst that was cooking she moved onto my facial, it lasted what felt like forever … not in a bad way, I wish it could have lasted forever … but I kept feeling like she was finished, then she would add another cream to my face! I lost count of the amount of products she must have used, but it was so refreshing! She kept changing her techniques from cool face creams that smelt like cucumber and Aloe Vera, to warm towels with lavender oil … it really worked, and definitely kept me awake!

The ONE thing I did find odd was right at the end where she covered her hands in some sort of oil and then gave me a head massage ?! … Oil … in my HAIR? I laid there and all I could think of was how greasy my hair was going to be! Good job I had a headband as my hair was STUCK to my head when I stood up! Has anyone else experienced that before? Thank god I only went to Aldi afterwards….

I wanted to take pics of the treatment room etc. But I also wanted to make the most of the experience & truly ‘wind down’ so felt taking my phone in with me would have been a big distraction!


Once the treatment was complete, she offered me some water and told me I could sit in the ‘relaxation’ room for a little while. As tempting as that was, I had a busy day ahead (shock) so had to leave sharpish. I did however, leave feeling like I was almost ‘floating’ … I felt very relaxed, calm but very tired! I went and got changed, and left – but not before grabbing a takeaway banana smoothie for the journey home!!

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience. All anxiety I had left almost as soon as I walked through the doors, the girls at reception were smiling and friendly, and told me exactly where to go and what to do. The place is beautiful, with classical music playing in reception, it was a very tranquil environment. It was all very posh!!

The ‘Mother to be’ treatment is £105.00, see more on their website here, and with that you get a back massage, leg and feet massage, tummy massage and mask, facial and head/shoulders massage … so you do get a LOT for your money and I was in the treatment room from 11:30am to 13:00pm, so I really felt like I got my money’s worth!

I would 100% recommend doing something whilst pregnant … even if its not a full treatment, but just a mini facial or manicure. It’s so easy to lose yourself in all things baby – baby talk, researching for baby, buying for baby, thinking about baby … its so nice, even for an hour, to take just a little bit of time for yourself. The happier and more relaxed you are, the happier and more relaxed baby is – so being a little bit selfish every now and then is actually quite important for the both of you.


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