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20 Week Scan {Anomaly Scan}

For those of you who don’t know me personally, follow me on social media or read my blog regularly… you wouldn’t know that we are having a baby GIRL!

So we went for the anomaly scan at 20 weeks (it’s usually done at 20 weeks) and everything went absolutely fine – phew. We had both taken the day off as we had planned a big reveal to my family that evening and wanted to make sure we had got everything we needed etc… but what was originally planned to be a nice chilled day, turned out to be one of the busiest!! After a dentist appointment at 11.45, grabbing some lunch, running a few errands and finishing our Christmas shopping, it was finally scan time! We ran (well.. David ran.. I tried to) from town to the hospital in the pouring rain and arrived 15mins early – which was an achievement for us.

It was a different lady to who I had had before, but that’s fine, to be honest they all seem fairly nice… good job really! She rolled the doppler over my belly and almost instantly there she was! Just as fidgety as before, showing us her skills, although doing all the ‘wrong’ movements and making it hard yet again for the nurse to take her measurements… no internal this time! So that was something to celebrate, for me anyway!


Although slightly worryingly, she told me that my placenta (that word cringes me out every time I say it) was low and “currently blocking baby’s exit… but it should move over time” – that’s it, that’s all she said! So straight away I panicked. That doesn’t sound normal?!! I looked at David with sheer panic, but that’s all I could do! Just lay there and smile like I wasn’t about to burst into tears!! Update: since then I have googled it and looked on forums etc. and it does seem to be a very common thing. 90% of the time it moves to its ‘normal’ position as baby gets bigger. They have booked me in for another scan at 32 weeks, just to double check it has moved! (I’m obviously going to worry until 32 weeks now!) Has anyone else had this before?

Finally she asked the big question … “would you like to know the sex of your baby?”

When she then said “it looks like a girl to me” I could have passed out. I don’t know why but I have ALWAYS imagined a boy… I thought of boys names, I always go to the boys section in clothes shops, I was looking a boys themed nursery décor – the lot! I had to ask her to repeat herself as I couldn’t quite believe it! I instantly looked at David who grinned from ear to ear straight back at me… we both laughed at each other in complete disbelieve, then I cried. Only the smallest tears… to be honest I think it was more the relief of knowing that I had a little baby girl growing inside me, and that we are parents to a daughter!! It really was an incredible feeling of relief, happiness, joy and shock all in one hit! I think the only words that David actually said in between smiles was “she’s definitely going to be a daddy’s girl!”… oh great, ganging up on me already!

We almost skipped out of the room. Giggling to each other – you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces! We couldn’t wait to see the reaction of our family and friends when we told them, 95% of which thought we were having a boy!

I completely respect people’s decisions to keep it a surprise, but we struggled not knowing for just over 4 months let alone 9!!

I am just so glad everything is going well, and we are super happy to know our baby girl is growing well and seems to be developing just fine. Only 20 weeks left to go! (Roughly…)

You can read how we chose to reveal the big news to family and friends in my reveal post.



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