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The Big Reveal {Baby Sex Reveal}

There are a ridiculous amount of reveals to choose from when planning to tell your friends and family the sex of your unborn child!

We wanted to do something different but time was running out and we didn’t have long to get organised. A lot of choices also included ordering things online, which seemed silly as we wanted to tell my family on the day we found out, so we would have had to order boy and girl versions of anything we chose! … We don’t have money to waste!

Our favourite options were:

  • Me wearing a white t.shirt, David painting his hands pink or blue then placing his hands on my tummy – revealing the sex.
  • Fireworks!! Setting them off when it went dark, with them obviously exploding in either pink or blue.
  • Giving each of my family and friends who were with us that evening a confetti cannon to hold and all setting them off at the same time.
  • Having a Piñata with me and David pulling the cord at the same time revealing confetti in the colour of the sex.

After researching so many different options, we decided on something quite common! The balloon reveal! We chose this because the hospital is right next to town, with a balloon shop – so it was incredibly easy just to pop in and get a few balloons to fill our box with! We recycled a used large cardboard box and wrapped it in white wrapping paper with gold dots on – so very neutral!

As soon as we had been to our anomaly scan and found out that we were expecting a baby GIRL (eeeekkkk!!!!) we went straight to the ballon shop and picked up three latex balloons and an ‘its a girl’ foil balloon… (we had them filled with helium which is incredibly important, otherwise they’ll flop!!)

At my parent’s house we had arranged for my parents, grandparents, sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew, best friend (and my dog) to meet us there for dinner so we could reveal it to them all. We then sent a video of the whole thing to the whole of David’s family and close friends… it worked really well, as we obviously couldn’t have everyone there at the same time! We had everyone sit on one side of the room, as we stood on the other at either end of the box. We did a countdown and opened the box together, allowing all of the bright pink balloons to rise up. My sister screamed and ran straight towards me for a cuddle, everyone else was in a state of shock for a second or two I think just like me and David, but there were lots of happy tears!! We cannot WAIT to bring our beautiful little princess into the world and meet the amazing family and friends that she will have around her!

Overall, our reveal was the perfect choice for us! Fairly quick to organise and do, works amazingly well to reveal the sex to everyone and it made for some great photos to look back on!! Here are some of my favourites…

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