Pregnancy & Birth

My Pregnancy Journey {First Trimester}

HOW am I eleven weeks into my second trimester! I can’t believe it.. its absolutely crazy. My first trimester went so quickly – to be honest, its probably something to do with finding out half way through at around 6 weeks. I know I’m extremely late with this blog post, but there is SO much going on right now… we are in the process of selling our home and buying a new one, Christmas has been and gone & because of Christmas my schedule has been a mess with back to back events – obviously because I am so popular (lol). OH.. and I’m pregnant! So my head is also full of list upon list upon list of things we need to do, appointments I need to make, items we need to buy before baby arrives etc. (as if I don’t have another 4-ish months’ to sort all that out)!!

Still.. I am classing myself as extremely lucky! I have experienced barely ANY of the nightmare stories I have heard/read about in the first trimester… the sickness, the nausea etc.


I have IBS, which isn’t very pleasant but I do think it has prepared me slightly and thanks to that I don’t feel like many of the symptoms I have had –  like bloating, trapped wind, indigestion, heartburn – have been anything ‘out of the ordinary’ for me! That’s just an average day in the life of having IBS!

If you asked David what symptoms I have had, and how I have felt, he would probably produce a list as long as the great wall of China! & yes, that is because I do moan… I’m a human with another human growing inside of me – I’m allowed to moan every so often!! So the symptoms I have had, which I am putting down to the fact I am growing a human and not IBS are:

  • Bloating – obviously;
  • Heartburn mainly during the night; a full glass of milk usually sorts this right out!
  • Trapped wind; I have been doubled over in pain from this on a couple of occasions but cuddling a hot water bottle and waiting for it to pass is the only thing I can do to get rid of it;
  • Nausea; but found eating (constantly – and ‘healthily’ of course… if you class a few grapes in between chocolate bars as ‘healthy’ like I do) helped this to settle!
  • Excess tiredness & feeling generally lethargic;
  • Mood swings; nothing new there – one minute I hate everybody, the next I’m like a child that craves love and attention.

So yeh, nothing glamorous or beautiful about the start of pregnancy BUT it’s part of the process and when you actually think about what your body is going through, you kind of have to think ‘okay, fair enough…’ and cut it some slack!

Compared to some people though I have been absolutely fine, and still am now! I feel like I should make excuses for feeling so good, or like I should make up something to make me sound like I’m actually having a baby! As, apart from my body slowly starting to look like one of those giant inflatable zorbing balls, you wouldn’t know!

I’m taking each day at a time, as I know it can still go downhill from here… but my first trimester has come and gone like a whirl wind and it’s complete madness to think I am already over half way through my second!!

As soon as 12 weeks passed, we were let loose! We have bought so much stuff already, our poor little house is bursting at the seams! Not long now though, and we will be able to move it all into our brand new (much bigger) home!


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