Pregnancy & Birth

12 Week Scan… What an experience!

We saw baby for the very first time on 23rd November, and honestly it’s something we will never forget.

Firstly we were both late – shock – and I mean, not just 2 minutes.. more like 30! Luckily, there was traffic everywhere so even some of the nurses were late, but even so… I basically ditched my car in the carpark, chucked my keys to Kayleigh who had to get Phoebe out of the car (seriously did not have time for that) and POWER WALKED to the right department. More like a comedy sketch than a serious ‘adult’ appointment!

Anyway.. so we calmed down a bit, and I finally stopped breathing like I’d just run a marathon, then my name was called! We went in and I laid on the bed with a cushion arching my back, belly hanging out – well, they do say your dignity stays at the door when it comes to all things pregnancy!! She put the jelly on my belly (lol) and searched for our little one… The jelly wasn’t that cold, once it was on it was fine but she did push hard with the doppler thingy – like, really hard!! It was quite uncomfortable. Not unbearable, but I know I was probably frowning at her the whole time! It felt like she was trying to push the doppler right through my skin and touch the baby!!

Then the most beautiful little thing appeared on the screen and any uncomfortable-ness just disappeared!! Both of our eyes were just fixated on our creation flickering on the screen, moving its little arms and legs and showing off its gymnastic skills with somersaults. It’s the strangest feeling, looking inside your own body and seeing another mini human in there! Even weirder to see it dancing around like John Travolta but not feeling a single thing!! Very surreal, but also such a nice feeling… a feeling of contentment and peace, as well as ‘oh, thank god your in there’!

The peaceful-ness soon disappeared when the nurse told me they had to switch to an internal scan, as our little show-off wouldn’t keep still for her to be able to take the proper measurements. Well… as I said, my dignity was already at the door, but any I did have left ran straight out there with it!! To be honest, it wasn’t that bad at all.. I won’t go into the details, but honestly there is no need to panic if you ever need to have an internal scan. They gave me a sheet to keep covered, and I barely felt a thing. I was just so impressed with our creation, I didn’t really care about anything else around me.

It was over so quickly and I was soon clothed again! We bought 4 x scan photos (as one just isn’t enough) which I carry in my bag and look at regularly!

Whilst I was there I also had my flu jab and bloods taken to test for down’s syndrome and other things. David had to go back to work and my sister had made other plans, so I was left all by myself for that part… to be honest I am overly impressed with myself for doing it on my own, I am a bit of a wimp!

& that was it! Our 12 week scan done and dusted in about 15 minutes. It feels like a lifetime ago now, especially as our 20 week scan is in less than a weeks’ time! Eeek! It was such a good experience though, and we genuinely can’t wait to see him / her again soon!



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