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Day Trip | Brighton | Sea side Loving!

So the weekend before last, my family were sat round the dinner table discussing their love for the sea side, fresh air, sun etc. Then my mum *being the most spontaneous she has ever been* says ‘sod it, lets get up early and spend the day in Brighton next Saturday!’… Bless her, she was so excited and my sister was also excited at the fact that it would be little Phoebe’s first ever trip to the sea side! So that was it, decided!

Brighton is only an hour and a half away from where we live, so perfect for a day trip. Its also one of my favourite places in the UK to visit. I’m not sure what it is, there is just something about it! The diversity, the different cultures, how happy everyone seems to be especially when the sun is shining! There’s music everywhere, colours everywhere – its just great! It puts a smile on my face whenever we visit.

There is literally so much to do there too! We drove up and straight away had a mooch down the famous pier looking at the quirky little stalls and walking around the fair. Then we got on a little train that runs across the whole sea front to Brighton harbour – with a return for £2.60 you cant really go wrong. The harbour is beautiful!! So many different boats moored up, restaurants, bars and shops. It has only recently been built, so it is very new and fresh – just perfect for people watching in the sun! After a drink in the whetherspoons, we got the train back and had a picnic on the beach! Mumma is so cute, she packed a whole load of food for us including sandwiches, crackers and pate, sausage rolls, pork pies, scotch eggs, crisps, shortbread, fresh fruit and drinks – we were stuffed! It was the perfect setting and a great idea to keep the cost down!! After that, we had a walk along the other side of the pier and looked in all the sea side shops, before having another drink and an ice cream at the harvester and heading home… we didn’t want it to be a ridiculously long day for little Pheebs. Here are a few pictures from the day…

It was a beautiful day and even though the whole family couldn’t make it, it was perfect! We really explored and saw so much of our favourite place, and will no doubt be going back again very soon! Next time we will definitely take another visit down the lanes – if anyone hasn’t done this I highly recommend it! The lanes are jam packed with quirky, different shops selling unique products!



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