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Holiday Wish List |What I Want For Holiday!!

It feels like I have been waiting YEAARS for this holiday to come.., we have waiting 11 months already and still have 16 weeks and 1 day to go!! (we go on December 1st for anybody who does not want to waste their lives working it out!).

David and I are going to Mexico with another couple and we cannot wait!! As it is currently ‘holiday season’ I am constantly jealous of peoples holiday snaps and my wish list is getting bigger by the day! Here are a few bits that I really want to get to take with me!

Donut Rubber Ring!! – I found this on for £19.99

Oh c’mon, do I really need to explain this? Its awesome!


4-Wheel Lightweight SuitcaseTRIPP do really good suitcases, this one is £59.00

I have had Tripp suitcases before and could not recommend them enough, my last one lasted a good few trips including Spain, Italy, Las Vegas and Thailand! So didn’t do too bad! The only thing wrong with it is that the badge came of creating a hole in it – thanks to those heavy handed baggage handlers!! So a new one is needed, and I love the watermelon colour – its so different, and a 4 wheel case is 100% needed I would never go back to a 2 wheel now! Its also large too, ‘cos who doesn’t need more room in their suitcase!?


Sony A5000 Camera – I found this on Jessops website for £279.00

I am a sucker for a camera, poor David has bought at least 3 for me over the 7 years we have been together!! I always end up wanting a better one after a few months! The main reason for wanting this one is obviously for the flip screen!! I love a selfie! Does anyone else know of any good cameras that have flip screens?

sony camera

Lola Ambre Triangl Bikini – On the Triangl website for 79 USD but they deliver to the UK!

I have been dying for one of these bikinis! They are beautiful and look like they are made from such a nice, durable material. I chose this one because its in a different colour you don’t usually see a bikini in and such a cute floral pattern too! I love a boob tube as they don’t leave tan lines!! I just really wish they were cheaper, as I’m not sure I can justify all that money on a single bikini….or can I? I’d love it even more if I looked like the model in it too! haha.!!


Ellesse Tracksuit – Found on JD for £35.00 together

So this is a bit of a wild card, hopefully when it comes to holiday time I might have a body like this, so if I do – this is a muuuuust for the airport and plane journey! I always like to dress as comfortable as possible, especially for long haul flights so this pair look perfect and cosy! With it being a crop top it’ll be great when we land in Mexico too! Hot hot hot! It’ll also double up as a good gym outfit once I am back too!



So that’s it! Along with the thousands of dresses, playsuits, sandals, beach bag, beach hats and co-ord sets, creams, hair serums, makeup and more that are on my other list… I very much doubt I will be able to get all of these before we go – but I can dream a little cant I!?



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