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Revolutions Beaconsfield |Cocktail Making Masterclass.

For my sisters birthday, we went to Revolutions in Beaconsfield… she has just had my niece, and my last night out was far too long ago I can’t even remember it! SO, she decided to make this one a proper night out – so we could let our hair down for once!!

There were 7 of us girlies, and to say that we were a littleeee drunk would be the understatement of the year!!

Cocktail making was so fun though, I cant see myself ever working behind the bar but I think my first attempt went pretty well (although I spilt almost all of my cocktail in the ice bucket! My bad.) It was hilarious watching other peoples attempts too, & I’m not being funny but I swear you have to be muscle man to get the glass out of the mixer!!! Iv never felt so weak in my life. Anyway, when we arrived we got 3 cocktails to try out made by the pretty cool bartender (who’s name I definitely cant remember!!) and then afterwards we basically all had to chose our favourite cocktail from the menu, and we got to try and make it. You then got to keep your creation to drink – if you were brave enough… Once everyone has made their attempt, we played a couple of games. One of them was to have a race at which team could make a cocktail in the quickest time – when your clearly NOT sober, this is definitely funnier than it actually is!!!! & to finish off the masterclass we played shot roulette… who is getting sweet strawberry and who is getting their mouth burnt off by chili?! I have to admit I really didn’t know what to expect, but Revs excelled themselves! Every single one of us were smiling, laughing, and having a blast!

For £30 each we got around 6 cocktails each, and a shot, we also got a booth thrown in for the rest of the night – bonus!! Who would even think twice about it? It’s something different to do to start your night off right and I will 100% be booking again!!

Must admit the DJ let the side down for the rest of the night with his 80’s tunes, but if you don’t mind partying like its 1984 until 1am then your all good to go!

Take a look at a few pictures from the night below…before it got… messy!!


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