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Favourite Fragrances | 5 Lush Perfumes Every Girl Needs!

I am a huge fan of fresh fragrances, especially with it being summer – or the great British summer, if you can call it that!

I’m going to give you my 5 favourite perfumes for this time of year, these are all very sweet and floral but do have their own distinctions.

Britney Spears – Believe

this is probably the best perfect for daytime wear that I have ever used, and at £19.99 for 100ml it is most definitely the best value too!

Thierry Mugler – Angel

this has much more of a distinctive fragrance, and a little more musky than Believe so can be used for either daytime or evening wear. At around £109.00 for 100ml it is definitely more ‘high end’ but it is worth it.

Viktor & Rolf – Flower Bomb

for a floral fragrance, the flower bomb definitely does what it says on the bottle! Its deep rose / jasmine smell just oozes luxury, its wonderful and addictive! This would set you back around £99.00 for 100ml bottle but it does last as you only need a smidge at a time…

Georgio Armani – Si

again, this is a deep, slightly musky scent that will work well for both daytime and evening wear, it stays on your skin for a while and has a beautifully sweet fragrance. You can get 100ml bottle of this for £95.00.

Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

this is the perfect evening perfume for the summer months, its deep floral fragrance sticks to your skin and a spray or two will last all night! 90ml is £87.00, keeping it on par with my other choices!

I found all of the prices on – which I found were one of the most reasonable, price wise. I’m not a perfume specialist so describing the scents with words is something I am awful at – but go take a look at their ‘our experts say’ section to see an honest, precise description of these beautiful scents.

Follow the links below to go to the pages of each perfume …

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5




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