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I am a Vlogger! 

So it’s official everyone! YouTube channel made, first couple of videos up.. & I can officially call myself a VLOGGER


The reason I wanted to start a YouTube vlog was simply because I think it is a fantastic way of documenting your life.. To not only share with the world, but to have videos of memories stored for a lifetime; to look back on with friends and family; for my kids to watch and actually ‘see‘ me, ‘hear‘ me and get to know the ‘younger me‘, as I personally don’t think pictures say a lot if I am honest – do you? I am going to continue my blog of course as I love writing but I am so excited to start my new venture as a part time beauty / lifestyle Vlogger & I really do hope you will follow me too…?!

Me & my sister Kayleigh have started this together as to be fair we are both quite camera shy – except for the thousand selfies a day haha! & so far we have done a welcome video, a birthday celebration video & a glossybox video… It is mainly a lifestyle blog to document the fun times, holidays, weekends away, nights out etc. BUT we both really enjoy makeup, beauty, hair, nails and all things girly too so keep tuned for videos involving these aswell!! So does anyone have anything in particular they would like to see??

Go take a look at our channel.. It’s still a work in progress but we are very excited to continue to film our lives !! 

Click here to view our channel

Thank you everyone for your support so far, we both really do appreciate it… Please give our videos a thumbs up and subscribe!

Love Gemma-Ann xo


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