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DIY Dip Dye // Ombre Hair

Hey guys,

So the other day my sister asked me to dye her hair.. Now; I really dislike hair! Makeup, great – hair, not so much. I just don’t like doing anything with it, apart from straightening my hair or bunging it up in a top bun, I literally cannot do anything else with my mop!! So I wasn’t overly excited about this challenge, BUT as I’m such a nice person of course I said yes…

Kayleigh has died her hair so many times its ridiculous, all different colours too! When we dyed it, it was a dark red / purple-ish colour! I don’t think it really knew what it wanted to be! So we were obviously quite worried about just putting the blonde straight onto the bottom of red hair… so we dyed it a darker brown first.


We chose the shade 5N which is quite a dark chocolatey colour, and would look really well against the contrast of the highlighted bottoms!!

This can be purchased from boots, superdrug, asda and many other shops and supermarkets from as little as £4.99! Bargain.

One we had put this on, left it to dry, washed it off and dried her hair we then got to work with the blonde… Kayleigh bought a dip dye kit at the same time she bought the brown & I literally could not get over how EASY the whole process was!!

It came with so many bits and bobs but everything was numbered and the colourful and incredibly easy to follow instructions made it look a piece of cake…


It came with a really cute comb/brush, and once you made the colouring you simply squeezed a little bit onto the brush then combed it through the bottoms of the hair. All I had to do was make sure that it was in a relatively straight line across her head!

This, again can be purchased from boots, superdrug, asda or any other store for around £6.00 – also an absolute bargain.

After letting it dry Kayleigh simply washed it off and dried it to reveal the finished product… Now I have to admit, I was SO scared that it would turn out awful and I would be solely to blame – BUT I didn’t need to worry! I should be a hairdresser, seriously! Look at how beautiful it turned out!! –

It looks lovely and defo suites her and the new ‘normal’ look she is going for! I’m rather impressed with myself haha… Just hope she doesn’t ask me to do it again.

So everyone, if you are 50/50 as to whether to do this kind of thing yourself or spend a silly amount getting a hairdresser to do it for you – I can whole heartedly say GO FOR IT…for a grand total of around £11.00 –  It was incredibly easy! Promise.   xo


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