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Lets Get Naked! Urban Decay: Review

Hello everyone,

As you saw in my last posts, I went on a huge Urban Decay haul a few weeks ago… Since then I have used all of my sparkly new products and I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of them!

Naked Skin – Now this is described as ‘weightless’ and that is exactly what it is. I felt like I had to use quite a lot, and even when I had covered my whole face I still had to go over blemishes and darker areas with another foundation to get full coverage. The shade I have is 2.0 and it really is the perfect shade for my skin tone. I think I just personally like to ‘feel’ foundation to feel confident and know my skin is completely blemish free, so the weightless effect isn’t really for me; however – I do really like the shade, and how well it blends in… its perfect for those ‘no makeup’ days for the not-so-confident ladies out there like me, who wouldn’t dare leave the house bare faced!

Naked Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss – This is the perfect handbag lip gloss. I have the shade ‘naked’ – of course – and it is just great for adding a subtle finishing touch to an everyday makeup look. The shade is an ever so slight pink / coral colour that blends in with your natural lip colour really well, so doesn’t make you look like you have gone OTT… It’s a lip gloss so obviously its going to be shiny, and it stays for quite a while too! I think one day I reapplied 3 times in the whole day, and I was eating, drinking etc. so not bad at all! I will definitely be getting a few more shades of this, as this one has been my go to lippy since the day I bought it!

Brow Box Eyebrow Powder – Ok so if I am honest, I have only used this once or twice since purchasing it… I am too used to my home comforts, and have a Sleek eyebrow kit which I love – however, the times I have used this, it is has done everything I want it too and more! Your eyebrows look bold and defined for hours! I outlined my eyebrow shape with the darker shade, filled in with the lighter shade and added a bit of the highlighter under the arch to give my eyebrows a bolder appearance – and it really worked. I do prefer a creamy outliner, but this is going to be a very close runner up! I have the brown sugar shades, as I do have light hair but am a ‘big brow’ fan and love having brows that stand out!!

24/7 Waterline Eye Pencil – This bad boy really is 24/7 !! Trying to get this off is a nightmare, but that’s a really good thing as you know its not going to run or smudge easily! I wore this ALL day and it didn’t move once, I love it. I have the ‘legend’ shade, because I am a legend – haha!! No because I like the boldness that black gives on your eyes. I am a little gutted that I didn’t go for the twist up version as the pencil goes blunt really quickly (and I soon discovered I don’t own a pencil sharpener!!) so I currently have a perfect eyeliner that I cant use!! Fuming…

Gwen Stefani Blush Palette – The blushes in this palette are simply stunning. & what’s even better is that there is 6 shades to choose from, that’ll go with every single look / style you have chosen for the day! Angel has been my favourite so far, as with work I tend to go for a simple ‘daily’ look and this gives such a nice shine to my cheeks and makes me glow! Although I have tried Easy, Lo-Fi and Hush too, and these are equally beautiful. The powder is so easy to apply, it sits on your skin for most of the day whilst still looking freshly applied! Night or day, these shades are great for any occasion!

Overall I will 100% be buying the eye pencil (maybe the twist up version next), blush palette and lip gloss again. I will also give the brow kit and the foundation a thumbs up, as they are really good products to have in my makeup bag – but I wouldn’t say I love them enough to rush out and buy more…

I am not normally the kind of girl who spends silly money on makeup, but sometimes you simply cannot say no!! I mean – just LOOK at Urban Decays packaging, and when their products are as good as these are, why wouldn’t you treat yourself every now and then?

Thank you for reading; Catch up soon. xo


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