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Drugstore Make-up Bag

I’m not one for posh or expensive make-up. I find drugstore make-up just as good/effective and for half the cost! Which is great, as it means you can buy so much more of it 😉

It was a beautiful day on Good Friday; so I make the excuse to take a few pics of my daily products that will always be found in my make-up bag!!


To be honest I don’t contour my face every single day – I like to give my face a bit of a rest during the week at work etc. – whats the point? Weekends though, I go all out!

I absolutely love a bargain; & found a great deal for a 15 shade contour kit on wowcher for £2.99!! – how good is that!!? Iv only used it once or twice, so will review once I have a complete feel of it. Its from a company called LaRoc and can also be purchased from Amazon at this fantastic price.


The foundation I use every single day without fail is the Maybelline New York dream satin liquid in the 10-Ivory shade. This stuff really is a dream! Its beautifully soft and silky substance glides across your skin and even the smallest dot will provide a fantastic coverage! I love this product – it really is an old friend! I usually buy this from Asda, at £6.99 but they do sometimes have a cheeky deal or two on it if your lucky!

The concealer I use is also by Maybelline (bit of a pattern here)… it is the FitMe! Concealer in shade 10-Light, and  I use it under my eyes, around my nostrils and on any blemishes I may have on that particular day. I usually buy this from SuperDrug at around £5.99 and it lasts a lifetime!!

Also in my bag are two Sleek products – I absolutely love Sleek!! Every product I have used from them are simply beautiful. I have a lot of their make-up but use my Sleek brow kit in the light shade (this includes shaping wax, setting powder, mini tweezers, a mini angle brush and a mini blending brush!) its incredibly handy and is only £8.50 for the whole lot, and the Sleek shimmer blush in Suede. This is so easy to apply and adds a slight shimmer to your cheek bones making you look radiant throughout the whole day, this can be bought for a low price of £4.50!

For my eyes I use the Gwen Stafani Urban Decay eye shadow pallet, I got this as a Christmas gift and its fantastic! I use two shades normally for a simply day look, the ‘blonde’ shade for the base and ‘steady’ shade to add depth, this is the most expensive item from my day bag at £40.00 but it is worth every penny… to finish my eyes I use the Rimmel London Wonderfull mascara, which can be found at most drugstores, I bought mine from Boots at £7.99 which isn’t too bad for a good mascara! Its wand is great for adding length, separating my lashes and making them appear thicker.


All in all the products in my ‘every day make-up bag’ come to a total of approx. £77.00!!

Compared to a lot of the prices for higher end products, this is a cheap and cheerful total cost for products that last and can be applied perfectly for complete coverage and radiance. These products are my trusty pals and are used every single day, I simply love them!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Easter break! Speak soon,


Gemma x



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