Out with the old; In with the new

Good afternoon lovelies,

So I thought I would show you a little bit of what I have been up too with regards to DIY and restoration projects!

I am in the process of moving out / looking for a new home and am trying to stick to a budget with furnishings whilst keeping up with trends and styles. I really want to try and do a lot of things myself to not only keep costs down (as furniture can be ridiculously expensive these days) but to put my own twist on things too!

My mum invited me to a house clearance a few months ago where I got my hands on a stunning dressing table and matching bed side table. They were dark varnished wood with golden finishes – beautiful, but not my cuppa tea!!

Dressing Table
Dressing table – before.


I immediately saw potential! & the best bit? It was FREE! I donated some money to a charity of the owners choice, but it was the least I could do for something so beautiful.

Here is a short video of my day spent painting!

& these are the finished products! Now all I need to find are some cute, vintage style handles to finish this shabby chic look off perfectly! – Does anyone have any ideas where I might find some unique ones?


Dressing table and bedside table
Dressing Table & Bedside Table – Almost Finished.


I am over the moon at how well they have turned out, and especially seeing as they are my first ever restoration project! Many more to come I think… may have a little addiction to chalk paint now!!

Thank you for reading!

Gemma x



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