Step into my world.

Good morning everyone; & welcome to my brand new blog!

I’m Gemma, I’ve spent 24 wonderful years in the world and am currently living with my parents. I have a boyfriend of 6 years called David, am the youngest of three girls and have a bit of an addiction to coffee.

I am extremely average. I’m not a size 6 model that will do anything to be noticed.I’m 5foot-something, size 10-12, and works a normal 9-5 like everyone else. Although I can be extremely vain on good makeup days!!

I’m an animal lover – but not a vegetarian – you can be both, right? I’m not particularly a girly girl, but I am a big fan of makeup, fashion and beauty! I have a diploma in makeup application, absolutely love to travel and have a major interest in DIY / interior design.

This blog will contain mostly lifestyle stories – things I have done, places I have been, things I have seen etc. It will also have reviews on new products I am using, old favorites, what I wore, OOTD and everything in between.

Speak soon;

Gemma x


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